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The One-Two Punch for PTSD

  Roughly eight million Americans will experience post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point in their lives. While PTSD is widely known in the veteran and active military population, PTSD can affect anyone who has experienced a traumatic event, or multiple traumatic events over a long period of time. This doesn’t mean that someone…. read more

Is the Opiate Epidemic Leading to Accidental Addiction?

  There is an epidemic taking the world by storm. It doesn’t care who you are. And it targets your brain, your body, your bank account, and your loved ones. Opiate addiction is sweeping the nation. The most unfortunate part of the opiate epidemic is that most users affected began with prescription medications. Of those…. read more

Naturally Boost Your Brain: 4 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Brain Health

Most of us want to increase our brain power. We want to think faster, remember more, and have more focus. Unleashing the power of your mind is in your hands. From nootropics to mind-strengthening apps, science and technology keep converging to make brain-enhancing tools readily available. Scientists and supplement companies are also searching for ways…. read more

NAD Treatment Center Adds New Game-Changing Detoxification Solution

  Addiction recovery meets long-term brain and cellular health.   San Diego, California, March 27, 2017 ( – NAD Treatment Center, the premier outpatient clinic in San Diego, California now offers the latest technology and treatment options for detoxification from chemical dependence. The clinic specializes in natural detoxification from chemical dependence through brain restoration therapy…. read more

Cause of Aging in Mice Discovered and Reversed

DNA and Aging There are many internal and external ways our DNA gets damaged. Some examples include spontaneous conversions, replications errors, exposure to free radicals, etc. This damage contributes to aging and puts us at high risk for developing various cancers. DNA repair is the most important factor for cell survival and cancer prevention. But…. read more

6 Major Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

Imagine you’re running a marathon and you’re on your last stretch, but you’re dying of thirst. If someone handed you a bottle of water, you would drink it, right? Your cells constantly run a 24-hour marathon. They don’t get a break just because you do. And they need fuel and certain tools to keep going…. read more