NAD+ Therapy San Diego – NAD
Treatment Center

About Us

Located in San Diego, the NAD Treatment Center™ offers nutritionally based and medically supervised support for people suffering from addiction and chronic illnesses. We are certified providers of NAD+ protocols that set people up for a life-long recovery and optimal health.


Combine innovation and compassion to provide healing and hope to people who want a life that is free from addiction and chronic illness and filled with potential for the best possible health.

Our Team

Aimie Apigian, MD
Medical Director

“While conventional medications can have their place, they don’t find and restore balance to the underlying problem. They may stabilize or manage a health issue, but not fix it.”


Tom Ingoglia
Business Director

“I am passionate about bio-hacking and brain hacking.”

Cambria Perry, NP, MSN
Nurse Practitioner

“The body has an amazing capacity to heal; we just need to find out what is in the way of that process.”