Adolescent Detox

with IV NAD+
Ages 16-18

The NAD Treatment Center now offers a new and innovative adolescent detoxification program that is designed to provide a great first step towards recovery.



Our medical staff has adopted a detoxification protocol uniquely design to fit the physiological needs of a adolescent. When combined with a full time counselor and addiction specialist providing group therapy, as well as yoga therapy, your loved one will experience a safe environment for growth and transformation.

Our patients have reported an increase in motivation, energy, joy and mental clarity after receiving the NAD+ treatment.

Intravenous NAD+ therapy has shown to have a 90 percent success rate at reducing the withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Furthermore, over 90 percent these patients remained sober for at 12 months and 20 months. A statistic like this is impressive when compared to the conventional methods of detoxification and rehabilitation.

“I didn’t have any withdrawals. That is what I thought was so amazing about NAD.”

The intravenous NAD+ has a unique ability to rebalance and repair the brain, allowing the individual a fresh start. Science has shown that replenishing NAD+ levels can protect and repair neurons by activating repair enzymes within the cell. Furthermore, NAD+ supports mitochondrial function, or the energy factory of the cell. With high levels of NAD+, the body can start to repair itself on a cellular level.


It’s important to note that NAD+ therapy is not a replacement for continued addiction treatment, and it is recommended to follow up with an aftercare program following NAD+ assisted detoxification.

The NAD Treatment Center often refers patients to trusted aftercare outpatient and residential treatment to ensure the best recovery and rehab.


The NAD Treatment Center offers a group based detoxification program to provide the emotional and mental support a young adult needs. Detoxing from substance abuse is a challenging hurdle by itself. In addition to the IV NAD+, we offer the BRIDGE device to further reduce withdrawal symptoms and the fear of withdrawal.

Give your loved one they fresh start the deserve with IV NAD+ therapy.