The Agony of Drug Detox and the Joy of Living

Pain, misery, anguish, distress and drug detox.

drug detox

The suffering and agony of even a few days ago is so easily forgotten when it comes to drug detox.


Because it seems to be so much easier to stay high, then to go through another dreadful agonizing day of attempted detox.

No wonder so many adorable people go through the excruciating torture of writhing on the floorboard just to go back to their old playmates and playgrounds.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way out of this vicious cycle, and it is a lot easier and more comfortable than you may think.

Professional help for alcoholism and drug addiction can be found in every city and haven across the United States

Whether someone chooses to detox at home or through a private addiction treatment center there are many ways to help an alcoholic or drug addict.

But we would never recommend trying to do these things yourself. You must get a professional and preferably someone that deals with addicts and other illnesses on a continual basis.

Having a professional, certified nurse and a licensed practitioner on campus is vital alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

There are two things you want to make sure you have available in order to achieve a successful detox.

drug detox

  1. Clean friendly, home environment

  2. Understanding help that truly cares

If you are looking for a therapeutic experience that is a 10 day or less treatment program , then click here to set an appointment with our Program Director Jennifer Sobal and she will go out of her way to help you get the help that you need.

This is where The NAD Treatment Center comes in. We are one of the only clinics offering NAD therapy that provides a homestyle environment with friendly smiling faces and helpful assistance assuring that you receive the best support in the field.

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