The Agony of Drug Detox

Pain, misery, anguish, distress, and drug detox.

drug detox

The suffering and agony of drug detox even a few days ago are so easily forgotten.


Due to the fact that it appears to be much easier to remain high, as opposed to enduring another dreadful day filled with agonizing pain, heartache, and shame, the daily struggle of waking up and attempting with all your might to undergo detox becomes overwhelmingly defeating once again.

It is not surprising, therefore, that countless individuals, despite the harm it inflicts upon themselves and their loved ones, subject themselves to the excruciating torture of writhing on the floorboard in an attempt to detox, only to revert back to their familiar habits.

However, there is an alternative to this relentless cycle, one that is far simpler and more comfortable than you might imagine. The NAD Treatment Center employs scientifically-backed addiction treatments such as high-dose IV NAD Therapy and The Bridge Device, in addition to a professional staff dedicated to minimizing withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Professional assistance for alcoholism and drug addiction is available in every city and town throughout the United States. If you are seeking an insurance-based program, kindly reach out to your insurance provider for referrals so that you can receive the help you need. Taking the initiative to seek help is of utmost importance, whether it is through the NAD Treatment Center or elsewhere. Make that call before it becomes too late.

​NAD Treatment Center would never recommend trying to detox by yourself, for your own safety please get professional help and preferably someone that deals with addicts and other illnesses on a continual basis and that can give you enough medical and therapeutic help for long-term success.

Having a professional licensed nurse, and a licensed practitioner at the treatment center is vital to alcohol and substance abuse treatment, and drug detox.

There are four things you want to make sure you have available in order to achieve a successful detox.

drug detox

  1. Licensed Medical Staff
  2. Licensed Therapist
  3. Clean friendly, home environment
  4. Understanding help that truly cares

If you are looking for a therapeutic experience that is a 10-day or less treatment program, then click here to set an appointment with our Director Jennifer Sobal has been an interventionist and has a nursing background that understands how hard this can be. Jennifer will be there every step of the way.

This is where The NAD Treatment Center comes in. We are one of the only clinics offering NAD therapy that provides a homestyle environment with friendly smiling faces and helpful assistance assuring that you receive the best support in the field.


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