Making a Case for NAD+

NAD+ has a primary role as universal electron transporter and has some important non-redox functions that are important in DNA cell repair and telomere maintenance, signaling extracellular molecules, and transcription of regulating aging with the help of sirtuins.

making a case for NAD+

Experts and Scientists were long time studying NAD+ therapy treatments and making a case for NAD+, as a matter of fact, NAD has been used since the late 1960s as an intravenous form to progressively lessen withdrawal from different kinds of alcohol and drugs. Though the actual mechanism isn’t clearly laid out, limitations were cited and the recovery tends not to be complete with IV only. In addition to the specified amino acid complex, the recovery is found proven to be more effective and lasting.


The therapy also provides a significant biological treatment for both alcohol and opiate drug addiction. A recommended dose of 500mg or more is essential for NAD+ therapy to be effective. The evidence for this same treatment is proven effective for other diseases that manifest NAD Deficiency like early diabetes mellitus, heart failure, chronic hypertension, anorexia, and even some serious case of predatory behavior that may lead to crime and violence.


Addiction and Treatment centers promise high success rates to vulnerable people that suffer from addiction or neurodegenerative diseases, even if there is no solid support from FDA regarding their methods. Testimonials from recovered patients have brought a solid impact in supporting the miracle promised by our Treatment Center.



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