Dr. Aimie

Aimie Apigian, MD, MPH, MS

Dr. Apigian is a Functional Medicine physician, with two masters degrees in health related science. She is also certified in Nutritional Approach to Addictions and Mental Health, Instinctual Trauma Response Model art therapy, and Somatic Experience trauma therapy.  She has studied under Dr. Allan Schore, “The Modern Father of Attachment Theory”, has been mentored by leading physicians in Psychosomatic Medicine, and has 4 years of training and practice in Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Apigian graduated from School of Medicine at Loma Linda University in 2010 where she completed a Masters in Biochemistry and a Masters in Public Health with an emphasis on Public Health Practice. She then relocated to Portland, OR and started a general surgery residency.

She began working in the early childhood trauma therapy 10 years ago, and wanted to expand her knowledge of helping people find a balance in their lives struggling with trauma and addiction.  Four years ago she began practicing in the addiction medicine field. She has a wide range of education and training which has proven essential to piece together the comprehensive approach to trauma, addiction, chronic illnesses and what she refers to as“Personal Best Medicine.”

Doctor Apigian, has always been drawn to trauma medicine “biology” for children struggling in their life. During medical school, Dr. Apigian was running family camps to help rebuild the family structure after trauma has happened.  She had felt a deep connection in finding the answers to help the children and families succeed as she continued her endeavour she had a yearning desire to want her life to be more meaningful and felt the desire to adopt a young boy at the age of 4 years old.  He had been in the foster care system for sometime and his outcome was not looking great. He was with Aimie for 6 years going through the trauma therapy and treatment together made both of them stronger, while she was looking for help and answers on how to help him he was teaching her a lot in life with seeing the effects of addictions and trauma with this young boy.

They worked together for the six years to get to a healing place where he could foster real relationship after having attachment disorder, it was at this time he needed to grow into a bigger family that could support his soon to be teenager years as a young man needing a male figure in the home, and Aimie being a single parent she needed to let him go for his own best success in life to still be had.

Doctor Apigian has experienced her own struggles with chronic fatigue and autoimmune disorder which led her to then change the focus of her practice from wanting to be a surgeon to child and adult medicine as she could know longer could put the strain on her own body. After extensive studying she began using what she was learning to help treat herself with the chronic fatigue, with having great results she began using functional medicine and treating adults for the chronic illnesses, stress related fatigue, relational trauma, mitochondrial dysfunction,  to help empower each person to gain control over their own health and live a better quality of life.

Whether it is addictions, trauma or even personalized functional medicine, at the end of the day, healing people is what drives her. “While conventional medications can have their place, they don’t find and restore balance to the underlying problem.  They may stabilize or manage a health issue, but not fix it!” Her approach to patients and their health is to never settle.