Perception Reframing Therapy With Evox By Zyto

What if you could change certain aspects of your life through perception reframing? Perception plays a vital role in your health and daily life. Having a positive or negative outlook on life will dictate how you handle life and your level of stress. A positive outlook is expansive and allows you to navigate through life and function with ease and low stress. Life is generally happy for those with a positive outlook. A negative outlook is far more limited, cycles of negative behaviors are repeated and stress is increased. Life seems harder for those with a negative outlook. Breaking these repetitive behaviors associated with an undesirable perception in any area of life you are struggling with may help to prevent creating the same reality over again. This reframing of perception allows you to live a healthy life filled with happiness.

The NAD Treatment Center is proud to offer our patients the revolutionary technology of Evox by Zyto. Zyto’s voice mapping software allows for these shifts of the subconscious through a three-step reframing process. The Zyto hand cradle is the only FDA approved Galvanic Skin Response device.

The Three-Step Process

The Zyto’s voice mapping technology measures the subtle energetic frequencies in the speaker’s voice regarding the perception of the topic area. The present and missing frequencies based on the energy of the speaker’s voice is mapped by Zyto’s software and compared to an ideal perception based on 12 perception zones. This is the first of the three steps to reframing the perception through the subconscious mind.


Zyto software then, based on the voice analysis, selects energetic frequencies shown compatible with your body’s biological coherence. These energetic frequencies are introduced to the subconscious through the software output. This software output is done via Zyto’s hand cradle and binaural beats administered through the headset. The practice involves thinking about the topic you are aiming to shift as you receive these energetic outputs and allow your subconscious to open and reframe. This information allows you to gradually shift the static perception that may be currently holding you back in that area of life. This is the second step to reframing the perception through the subconscious mind.

The process of analyzing and mapping the voice followed by the receiving of energetic transfer is repeated serval times. This is the third and final step of the Evox perception reframing of the subconscious mind. Eventually, your voice pattern changes as the missing information is incorporated. The Zyto software continuously monitors your voice and Galvanic Skin Response. This is done throughout this process to detect a significant change in the pattern of your voice. When the change has been detected the software indicates a shift has happened. This means the topic of perception has been shifted in the subconscious mind. Having a shift may result in a feeling of being uplifted, happier and an overall sense of well-being.

How exactly does the Evox by Zyto work?

Electrodermal screening is used via the Zyto hand cradle to gather information about the body. The hand cradle monitors the electrical energy of the skin through multiple acupuncture points, known as the Galvanic Skin Response. Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with modern scientific advances shows acupuncture points are related to specific organs and systems throughout the body, measuring these points provides vast knowledge of the body. The Zyto hand cradle accurately measures the electrodermal activity taken from 6 contact points with a large surface area to ensure accuracy. In just one minute over 100 digital signatures can be scanned by the Zyto hand cradle.



What areas of your life can you reframe your perception?

You can improve any area of your life with perception reframing of the subconscious mind through the Evox therapy. Common areas such as athletic performance, addiction, relationships, your career, anxiety, depression and so much more can all be shifted with the Evox by Zyto. How can this actually help you? Imagine no longer having the cravings for drugs or alcohol. When life gets rough because you are able to perceive the positive aspects of the situation. How about having greater confidence leading a team in the workplace and the ability to stay focused on your tasks? This is possible with Evox perception reframing therapy. What about the feeling of loving yourself and having a greater ability to control your weight? You can Evox on your weight loss issues.

The NAD Treatment Center feels so passionately about the positive benefits of the Evox that we have included sessions in all NAD infusions. If you would like to know more about Evox and how it can change your life contact us today.


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