Addiction FAQ

What is the NAD Treatment Center?

The NAD Treatment Center specializes in cellular rejuvenation and treats chronic conditions stemming from the brain with an application of intravenous NAD+ (IV NAD+) and complementary therapies.

​Through the use of IV NAD+, we are able to help brain restoration, specifically for people suffering from chronic illness, depression, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, detox from prescriptions, and stress.

​IV NAD+ also has a profound effect on those suffering from drug addiction and those who are seeking detoxification from chemical dependence. Our NAD Treatment Center Detox MethodTM integrates leading-edge treatment with alternative therapies and counseling in order to naturally decrease the effects of withdrawal and set our clients up for lifelong recovery. We have developed, a holistic approach to detox that addresses the whole client’s body, mind, and spirit. She is also a provider of NAD+ Brain Therapy using intravenous NAD+ and other cutting-edge technologies. Inspired by the Springfield Wellness Center’s time-tested protocol, our NAD+ treatment helps to diminish the effects of brain-destroying conditions, such as addiction and substance abuse.

​In our opinion, intravenous NAD+ is the most effective first step in treating drug and alcohol dependence. clients report little to no withdrawal symptoms when going through detox from opiates, benzodiazepine and alcohol. Following treatment, clients generally report a reduction in cravings, increased energy, and improved mood.

When combined with ongoing coaching and counseling, clients are able to make a life-long recovery.

We collaborate with leading experts and aim to be at the forefront of learning more about the benefits of NAD+ in treating other disorders and disease states. As researchers discover additional use cases for NAD+, we will incorporate these therapies into our programs.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide (nick-o-tin-a-mide) Adenine (ad-a-nine) Dinucleotide (di-nuke-lee-a-tide). It is a coenzyme of niacin found in all living cells on planet Earth. It is basically the building block of a healthy body that the brain, our internal organs, and neurological systems need to function at optimal efficiency.

As we age, our NAD+ levels decline. Addiction, depression, stress, and illness also deplete our NAD+ levels. A significant increase in NAD+ levels helps to restore brain functionality. As a result, clients have experienced increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving ability, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, improvement in mood, decreased anxiety levels, and reduced cravings.

Who is Jennifer Sobal?

Jennifer has devoted over two decades to helping families in need with outpatient detox, intravenous detox, residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and interventions. As a result of her experience with a variety of treatment programs, Jennifer has a unique ability to assess the needs of an individual and the type of environment that would best support that individual for recovery.

For more about Jennifer Sobal click here.

Who is Tom Ingoglia?

Tom Ingoglia is the founder and Development at NAD Treatment Center. He is also President of the Center for Research on Addiction & and Brain Health Inc. Tom has a master’s degree in finance and has taken that degree to help build a place to help find and research the best treatments for people suffering from chronic conditions as he did. Tom’s passion is to learn and explore questions that can’t be answered with Western medicine. Through his travels with top scientists and other programs, he hopes to find options to reverse aging which will help slow or stop the progression of conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

“I am in search of the answers to help people live longer and have a better quality of life.”

How long does it take?

While we personalize every NAD+ treatment to each person’s individual needs, and with our new and streamlined protocols you can expect to be at NAD Treatment Center from two days to fifteen days depending on what you want to achieve from the treatment. Infusion times are from four hours to six hours a day, depending on what your body needs. While you are on the IV infusion you can relax in your private to semi private room, kick back watch TV, or continue to work on what you need to using the internet provided or you can have the full use of our treatment room full of fun equipment to enhance your treatment consisting of Hyperbaric Treatments, Infrared Sauna, bio-mat, Beemer, and other red light therapies.

“Make this your home away from home while with NAD Treatment Center.”​

What is the treatment process?

Our approach starts with a thorough assessment of the client’s physical needs, to help us develop a personalized treatment plan and determine what their protocol will be with the help of the client and the Doctor participating in every level of the treatment plan.

Our physician then prescribes nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to be administered intravenously under the supervision of our trained medical staff. 

Detoxing from opioids, methadone, or suboxone, he or she may also be fitted with the Bridge Device on their first to fifth day of treatment depending on their withdrawal symptoms. The Bridge is an auricular device that helps mitigate withdrawal symptoms within minutes of application and is worn for 5 continuous days. 

Anti Aging, he or she will be assessed on the first day of treatment for additional therapies that can help boost the client’s health to an optimal level, which could be other intravenous infusions, and or testing.

Chronic conditions, he or she will be assessed before treatment, some blood work may be useful for the doctor to customize the treatment for the client and get a clear understanding of what protocol and how long of treatment would work best for them.

All of our treatments are outpatient in nature.

Throughout the course of treatment, clients may receive additional therapies that can include everything from emotional and spiritual healing to holistic approaches like massage, reiki, cryotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and much more.

Following treatment, clients will be recommended different treatment plans and follow-up care. This may include prescription VIVITROL injections and continued therapy for detox/addiction clients or other options like nutritive counseling and psychotherapy. Our goal is to make sure that each client’s treatment both in and out of the NAD Treatment Center is as individualized as possible and that we do everything we can to ensure our client’s success.

Does treatment have to be intravenous? Can I just buy NAD+ supplements at the health food store?

For serious conditions, drug or alcohol addiction, and radical rejuvenation, the intravenous application of NAD+ is currently the only recommended therapy. Store bought NAD+ supplements are not recommended for these conditions, simply because oral supplementation is broken down through digestion and is therefore not as bioavailable as intravenous therapy.

In addition, while NAD+ supplements are available over-the-counter, you really have no control over the quality and efficacy of the product you are purchasing. Over-the-counter NAD+ bought at stores does not deliver the results of the intravenous NAD+ infusion.

  • Experience has shown us that the quality of the NAD+ formulation and its concentration and purity is critical.
  • We use the proprietary formulation by NAD Treatment Center and it includes amino acids and other nutrients that they have found will speed the effectiveness of the NAD+. This formulation is only available in intravenous form.
  • Because intravenous treatment bypasses the digestive system, IV delivery has proven to work far better than any oral delivery system we have encountered.

Are clients given other drugs to ease their drug detox?

Yes. We use non-addictive vitamins, minerals, and other natural supplements as well as prescription medications to assist in the detoxification process. Along with medical supervision, these supplements and medications ensure that detoxing clients do not experience seizures or any other acute medical conditions as they complete their detox. The NAD+ formula is completely natural and nutritional. It is made up of substances a healthy body produces on its own.

Our first steps in detox is always to start with natural vitamins and NAD+, If for any reason the withdrawal symptoms become too hard to handle we will administer the Bridge Device before moving onto prescription medication. We pride ourselves in being as holistic as we can with natural remedies.

How is NAD+ treatment perceived by the conventional medical community?

In recent years, awareness of NAD+ has increased among both consumers and the traditional medical community. Research and studies continue to support the benefits of NAD+. Acceptance of NAD+ as a valid form of treatment varies depending on geography and other factors. We can supply you with research and articles if you are interested in additional information.

Please note that NAD+ is not FDA approved and not supported by Insurance companies as of todate.

What happens after treatment for addiction?

After treatment, the client typically no longer suffers from the physical symptoms of addiction. This is when the emotions, energy of happiness will happen along with the anxiety of what to do next now that you are not tied down to anything what do you do with the extra time on your hands and the energy to run a marathon. We will help you in every way we can.  Full recovery and wellness for an addicted person may come through a variety of aftercare options, depending on the person. We are happy to discuss best options for you and make personalized referrals for the following:

  • Life Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Individual, group or family therapy

How does NAD+ help with addiction and substance abuse?

Addiction is a chronic disease that alters the chemistry of the brain. Say you look at two different brain EEG’s one from a healthy brain and the other from a person using substances overtime.  The results will be quite different, as the person using substance’s shows that the cognitive functioning isnt working as well, and the frontal cortical areas are being damaged that controls your emotions, motivation, and impulsiveness. NAD+ helps restoration of proper brain biochemistry helping to break the addiction. Our NAD+ protocol replenishes brain nutrients that have been depleted by substance abuse. clients have reported significant reduction of cravings and a significantly reduced or eliminated desire to use. Our treatment helps to restore clarity of mind, stabilizes moods and reduces cravings. This helps clients break free of alcohol and drug addictions with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

Is it a cure?

The disease of addiction is a chronic illness. To date, there is no “cure” and this treatment is not a substitute for recovery, therapy or medical treatment. It is the beginning of the healing process. At the end of treatment, clients generally report a reduction in cravings, increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving ability, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, and improved mood.  NAD Treatment Center and it’s clients have done retrospective studies showing how are clients do during and after treatment to make it easier and better for each individual person. We are always striving to make it better with your help.

How much does it cost?

The price for The NAD Treatment Center Detox Method can range between $6,000 to $17,000, depending on the specific program that is recommended for you and discussed with NAD Treatment Center staff.

For reference, typical 10-day treatment is $14,250.

While every treatment is highly personalized to the needs of each individual, typical 10-day treatment includes treatment includes:

  • 10 days of high concentration NAD+ intravenous infusions
  • Upgraded nutrient and micronutrient IV infusions
  • A number of additional holistic therapies like massage, reiki treatments, cryotherapy, acupuncture, float therapy, or other alternative therapies are based on what the client needs.
  • Personalized vitamin and mineral nutrient supplementation throughout 10-day treatment
  • Personalized nutritional protocols customized per diagnosis.
  • Methylation testing and other testing advised by the Doctor for your particular needs.

The NAD Treatment Center Detox Method is considered an acute medical procedure because the NAD+ is introduced directly into the bloodstream. It must be administered by a medical doctor and licensed RN/LVN.

Is this covered by health insurance or wellness plans?

While we are not yet a Medicare / Medicaid provider and are unable to file claims directly with your insurance company, we can refer you to a claims specialist that will provide you with all necessary documents to seek reimbursement. We do, however, offer financing options and accept all major credit cards. Financing is offered through American Medical Loans.

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Where are you located?

Locations coming soon.

Are there hotels nearby?

We would be happy to refer you to hotels in the area. There are numerous hotels that range in price and location. We also have a network of sober living accommodations. We would be more than happy to help determine accommodations for you during your treatment.


How do we contact NAD Treatment Center?

Our toll free phone number is (844) 623-7587. Or 844-NAD-PLUS

You can also complete a form on our website at or send an inquiry to

What sets NAD Treatment Center apart from other NAD treatment facilities?

We feel confident about our ability to properly treat clients with our NAD+ program because of our extensive experience and official training that other centers may not have.

We make each client’s treatment completely customized to his or her individual case. We do a comprehensive initial consultation and an NAD+ protocol that best serves the client’s health goals and needs. Sometimes that requires more than ten days and sometimes it requires less. No two client’s treatments will ever be exactly alike.

We bring a deep level of empathy and understanding to each client. They all spend quality therapeutic time with each client during their stays.


Can my family or friends join me for my treatment?

We welcome family members and friends to spend time with the client for as long as they like for the first week of treatment. After that, we prefer to honor each individual client’s journey going through treatment and we have found that clients do better if their family and friends are not around them all the time. Family is more than welcome to drop off meals or spend an hour or so with the client, but clients have reported much more success on every level if they are able to have some alone time during treatment. Of course, considerations may be made for particular cases.

What is a booster? What about aftercare?

Booster NAD+ treatments are 1-3 day treatments of NAD+ that are done in addition to the client’s initial treatment. Not everyone would need a booster treatment. This is something that the Doctor and the staff will help each client determine as the client goes through the treatment. They will also help each client create Relapse Prevention Plans and Relapse Action Plans as well as comprehensive integrative aftercare plans.

NAD Treatment Center has other ways of delivering the NAD to your doorstep for you to do in the ease of your own home to keep your levels up after the initial treatment such as patches, injections, and nasal spray. So you don’t have to take time out of your daily life to feel the energy from NAD+.

Do I need to wean off my drug of choice before I arrive for treatment?

The Doctor and staff will help you determine exactly what your pre-treatment care plan will look like when she does the initial comprehensive consultation prior to the start of your treatment. Pre-treatment starts with you and your withdrawal symptoms, and also recommended if your choosing to wean off your medication drug or drug of choice it needs to be done with medical supervision. Please do not try and do it without guidance.

Is it safe?

Yes. IV NAD+ is completely safe. We are proud to report that in over 1,000 treatments of NAD+ therapy, there has not been one adverse reaction. We have a team of licensed nurses working under the supervision of the Doctor, who approves a customized treatment plan and reviews the progress. Our intravenous solutions are administered by a medical doctor and licensed nurses.

Is it approved by the FDA?

Because NAD+ is a vitamin supplement and naturally produced by the human body, the FDA has not found reason to assess NAD+ therapy.

NAD is not FDA approved as of date

Are there any conditions that NAD+ would not be recommended for?

Yes. There are certain cases where NAD+ may not be the most recommended treatment plan.

  • Active cancer
  • Pregnancy

Please give us a call to discuss your particular case.

Chronic Conditions and Wellness

The NAD Treatment Center specializes in cellular rejuvenation, treating chronic conditions of the brain with the use of intravenous NAD+.

Through the use of intravenous NAD+, we are able to help restore brain function, specifically for people suffering from chronic illness, depression, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and stress.

​We collaborate with leading experts, and aim to be at the forefront of learning more about the benefits of NAD+ in treating other disorders and disease states. As researchers discover additional use cases for NAD+, we will incorporate those therapies into our programs.

How does it help with chronic illness?

Chronic illness affects millions of people. These conditions typically do not have a cure, and are managed through medication and lifestyle changes. For many people, it is difficult to do the things they enjoy, and often leads to depression and a feeling of hopelessness.

NAD+ treatment has been shown to be capable of dramatically reducing symptoms of these illnesses by boosting the body’s natural cell repair.

How does it help chronic stress?

Long-term stress can have a negative effect on our mental and physical health. It impedes our sleep, digestion, healing and cognitive abilities. Chronic stress can be an underlying contributor to autoimmune diseases, heart disease, osteoarthritis, obesity, depression, anxiety and more.

​Our NAD+ protocols can restore mitochondrial function, which boosts physical and mental energy throughout the body.

How does it promote healthy aging?

Our bodies ability to fight inflammation and repair itself declines with age. Cells rely on restorative enzymes, such as Sirtuins and PARPs, to help reduce symptoms associated with aging. These enzymes heavily depend on NAD+, which is also known to decline with age. Replenishing your body with NAD+ will promote cellular regeneration through necessary repair enzymes.