NAD Treatment Center Adds New Game Changing Drug Detox Solution in Louisiana

Drug Detox meets long-term brain and cellular health.

drug detox

 March 27, 2017 ( – NAD Treatment Center, the premier outpatient clinic now offers the latest technology and treatment options for drug detox. The clinic specializes in natural detoxification from chemical dependence through brain restoration therapy using intravenous NAD+. They recently added The Bridge and VIVITROL as treatment options for those struggling with addiction to alcohol, heroin, and prescription opioids.

Tom Ingoglia, former NAD+ patient, investor, and President of The Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health, Inc., “Whether you have chronic fatigue, an anxiety disorder, depression, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, are dealing with addiction or are simply seeking an anti-aging solution, the combination of techniques offered by the NAD Treatment Center  can make a life-altering impact.”


Addiction is a medical condition that alters the chemistry of the brain.  Treatment of substance abuse disorders continues to challenge clinicians.  The withdrawal symptoms and patient cravings for the abused substance are often impediments to sobriety. Restoring brain biochemistry is key to breaking addiction. NAD+ helps to diminish the effects of detoxification and restores brain function to support ongoing treatment and aftercare and reduces cravings almost immediately.

NAD+ is a game-changer. Following treatment, patients generally report a reduction in cravings, increased energy, stabilized moods, and restored clarity of mind. The addition of The Bridge, VIVITROL and my unique approach to counseling give us the ability to help patients achieve a life-long recovery. We are changing people’s lives, from hopelessness to clarity of mind, and offer true recovery in less than two weeks, with absolutely safe outpatient therapy.”

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a simple metabolic coenzyme of Niacin, a B Vitamin that is involved in energy production for every mitochondria within our bodies. Research has shown that people afflicted with addiction, alcoholism, stress, and depression, have an NAD+ deficiency.  The treatment replenishes the supply of neurotransmitters and promotes healthy brain function.  It is based completely on nutrients that are found naturally within a healthy body.

The Bridge is an FDA-cleared device that helps target the pain and discomfort patients can experience during withdrawal from opioids. The bridge device fits behind the ear and sends electrical feedback to the brain, blocking the pain of detox, AND the FEAR OF THE PAIN of detox.​

VIVITROL is the first non-addictive drug approved by the FDA to prevent opioid use following detox. It is an injectable that is taken once a month and blocks the pleasure feelings associated with opioid or alcohol use and does not produce a “high”.  While counseling addresses the psychological aspect of addiction, VIVITROL works on the physical by blocking any euphoria usually associated with opioid or alcohol use. This combination is proven to be an effective treatment.

NAD Treatment Center is an outpatient facility and all patients are supervised by medical professionals throughout their treatment. Treatment for detox is typically 10 days, but her team customizes a plan for each patient during their assessment. NAD/BR+ protocols can also benefit those who are not addicted but need to replenish nutrients and restore functioning to a brain depleted by medications, stress, chronic illness, anxiety, and depression. For additional information, call (844) 623-7587 [(844)-NAD-PLUS] or visit us online at


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