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On a daily basis, we hear about another heartbreaking overdose or death due to heroin and opiates. Heroin addiction is now an epidemic in this country, and not many efficient treatments exist for heroin detox. Many people addicted to opiates are turning to heroin because it is cheaper and easier to get than prescription painkillers. This summer, CNN reported that nearly half of injection heroin users first abused a prescription opioid.

For many people suffering from heroin addiction, one of the biggest deterrents to seeking treatment is the withdrawal period. Heroin withdrawal symptoms vary for each person and may only last a week or so, but the symptoms can be severe.

In general, most people seeking treatment are first going through a medical detox using prescribed drugs that are known for their ability to suppress withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Unfortunately, people often use these drugs for purposes other than their intended use. Many people use them as a way to maintain their addiction. In some cases, the drugs activate the opioid receptors in the same way as heroin and there is a potential to become dependent on the drug being used for detox.

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Heroin Detox Center: A Sanctuary for Those Ready to Reclaim Their Lives

Venturing on the path to recovery often necessitates a distinct, unwavering commitment. For those ensnared in the ruthless grasp of heroin, recognizing the urgency to sever ties with this perilous substance is paramount. The decision to commence this journey is frequently marked by the initial step into a heroin detox center.

In the labyrinthine realm of addiction, not every soul requires the specialized attention of such a facility. Yet, for those consumed by the overpowering allure of heroin, detoxification in a controlled environment becomes crucial. But who truly stands to benefit from a heroin detox?

Individuals exhibiting severe withdrawal symptoms, manifesting a history of relapse, or those with co-occurring mental health disorders undoubtedly require the meticulous care and vigilance these centers provide. Furthermore, those who’ve been entangled in prolonged use, finding solace in the false embrace of heroin’s ephemeral highs, will find the structured regimen of a heroin detox center indispensable.

It’s not merely about evicting the drug from one’s system, but reshaping one’s life, fortified by the latest therapeutic modalities and a compassionate team of experts. In the battle against heroin, such centers stand as bastions of hope, guiding afflicted souls towards a dawn of renewal and liberation.

There are researchers and experts at the forefront of addiction medicine who are developing other methods for detox and seeing great success.  The NAD Treatment Center is currently the only detox center in Louisiana certified to provide some of these new detox therapy.

In our opinion, intravenous NAD is the most effective first step when addressing drug and alcohol dependence. Patients report little to no withdrawal symptoms when going through detox from opiates and alcohol.  Following treatment, patients generally report a reduction in cravings, increased energy, and improved mood. Learn more about NAD here.

The Bridge

Pioneered by Innovative Health Solutions, The Bridge is an FDA-cleared device that helps target the pain and discomfort that patients can experience during withdrawal from opioids. The device fits behind the ear and sends electrical feedback to the brain, blocking the pain of detox.


Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease. VIVITROL is the first non-addictive drug approved by the FDA to prevent opioid use following detox. It is an injectable that is taken once a month and blocks the pleasure feelings associated with opioid or alcohol use and does not produce a “high”.

While counseling addresses the psychological aspect of addiction, VIVITROL works on the physical by blocking the pleasurable feelings associated with opioid or alcohol use. This combination is proven to be an effective treatment.

The NAD Treatment Center Detox Method

MD has combined existing technology and treatment with his unique counseling sessions to create his detox method. It is comprised of NAD/BR+ Brain Restoration Therapy™, The Bridge, VIVITROL, and counseling.

While each part of his detox method can be used as a stand-alone treatment, we recommend that patients suffering from addiction to opioids engage in the entire program to ensure optimal results.

If you or a loved one are seeking treatment for addiction, NAD Treatment Center is your best first step. Our team of compassionate professionals is ready to help you. Call us today at  (844) 623-7587.


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