IV Ketamine

What is Ketamine used for?

Ketamine infusion therapy has been gaining attention as a new safe and effective therapy for  resistant depressionanxiety disordersbipolar disorderchronic pain disorderspost traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

What is the treatment process for ketamine?

The doctor will determine a customized protocol for you depending on your symptoms. A typical protocol for ketamine therapy is 4-6 intravenous infusions over a two week period. Each infusion will last around 40 minutes, but can be extended for a few hours for those with chronic pain.

Each case is handled with sensitivity and care. Most patients feel the effects of the therapy almost immediately. The effects can last for a couple of months or possibly a year. It is recommended for those with depressive symptoms to undergo regularly scheduled boosters to maintain their remission and wellbeing.

Due to ketamine’s unique ability to reduce symptoms of depression and pain, many have found this type of treatment highly effective for addiction recovery.  One study suggests that alcoholics who had received ketamine infusion therapy were 66 percent more likely to stay sober than those who have received conventional treatment.

Can I receive IV NAD+ and Ketamine to help me with addiction?

We offer IV NAD+ and IV Ketamine for those battling with chronic pain, depression, and for those who are looking to break free from chemical dependencies. NAD+ is a powerful vitamin and is a great first step towards recovery due to its ability to metabolize substances quickly and to rebalance the brain. IV Ketamine can be incorporated into the addiction recovery protocol to help quiet the mind and reduce anxiety.