Methadone Detox with IV NAD+

The NAD Treatment Center Detox Method for methadone consists of a personalized program with certified medical staff to help you detox and taper off methadone safely and effectively.

We will manage and reduce your withdrawal symptoms by having a synergistic effect when combined with other innovative therapies offered at NAD Treatment Center to prevent any distress you may encounter.

What is Methadone and Methadone Maintenance Treatment?

Methadone is an opiate originally intended to treat chronic pain and long term opioid dependency. Today, methadone is commonly used for withdrawal management and opioid replacement for those who have used opiates long term and have become physically dependent to feel normal throughout the day.

Methadone maintenance programs start with an established dose of methadone and eventually taper down the dose to wean individuals off methadone years later. This approach intends to relieve the withdrawal symptoms of those coming off heroin or opiates. However, this approach with methadone often continues on a long-term basis and can take years for certain individuals to come off. Methadone maintenance programs may seem like a solution, but methadone is an opioid that furthers physical dependence.

If an individual was to suddenly stop methadone treatment, they would experience intense withdrawal symptoms stronger then the symptoms associated with other opioids. The withdrawal also includes post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) which are long term withdrawals lasting months to years.

“I had minimal withdrawals with the use of NAD+ and the BRIDGE device. I could make it through the detox with ease.”

When an individual is going through methadone withdrawal, they may experience the following symptoms:


-Irregular heartbeat

-Depressed respiratory function







Impaired concentration

“I love telling people how I transformed from opiate addiction to higher consciousness from this therapy” says Tom Ingoglia, head of business development

Detox From Methadone With NAD+ Therapy

At NAD Treatment Center, we help people with a variety of addictions including Methadone. We understand how hard it is on your body, in addition, the shame of having to go through a detox again. When you started the methadone, you probably weren’t aware of the high incidence of physical dependence and the unique challenges of withdrawal from methadone. We assure you it will be okay and you will successfully make it. Through the help of NAD+ and use of the BRIDGE device, an electrostimulation device guaranteed to lower withdrawal symptoms by at least 80%, withdrawal becomes manageable. The 15 day rapid detox generally goes smoothly.

During days 1 to 7, let your body sleep as much as possible while on the NAD+ drip and in the evening. Sleep will help your body repair faster so don’t worry if you are sleeping a lot. After day 8, we encourage you to use the treatment room as much as possible with the hyperbaric chamber, Bemer therapy, BioMat, and infrared sauna. These therapies will help your body heal and rejuvenate. This is your treatment time so tell us what you need to make the best out of it. We will be here for you every step of the way.

If you think you may be addicted to Methadone, please give us a call. It is not recommended to come off of the drug on your own, as you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

Clients who have experienced IV NAD+ therapy for opioid addiction say they have minimal cravings. They feel revitalized, energetic, and free. We would love to hear from you when you are ready, or just thinking about it.


It’s important to note that NAD+ therapy is not a replacement for rehabilitation, and it is recommended to follow up with an after care program after NAD+ assisted detoxification from chemical dependency.

The NAD Treatment Center often refers patients to trusted aftercare and sober living facilities to ensure the best recovery and rehab.

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