Assessment & Orientation

Our Approach

Our approach starts with a thorough assessment of your physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s designed to identify your needs whether it be recovery or Anti Aging, detoxifying your body can help everyone heal and live a fuller life.  

For recovery from addiction, accidental addiction we assess barriers to your recovery and determine your capacity for behavior change, abstinence, and personal growth. We discuss the disease model of addiction, looking specifically at the impact chemical use is having on every aspect of your life. Our team uses the assessment to develop your personalized treatment plan.

Orientation is our introduction to the basic principles of NAD+ and the treatment program. We also cover your rights and confidentiality laws. Most importantly, we set expectations and review your daily responsibilities. We have the tools for greater health, but it is up to you to use them. We want you to feel comfortable with the NAD Treatment Center and our staff. Feel free to use this opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns.

Who is the ideal client for NAD Treatment Center?

Ages from 18 years old and up


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Conditions

Opioid Detox

Methadone/Suboxone Detox

Benzodiazepine Detox

Alcohol Detox


Depression (MDD)