NAD+ Blood Test

The first commercially available NAD+ Blood Test in the US.

Until recently, most NAD+ practitioners could only guess at how much of a benefit patients received from NAD+ therapies. Now, you can be sure that your treatment providers are serious in caring about delivering quality and tailored NAD+ treatments.

​Rather than relying on asking “How do you feel?”, patients can be clearly shown what their age-diminished baseline NAD+ level is, how treatment protocols actually boost their NAD+ level, and establish evidence-based reports to encourage repeat, periodic boosting treatments.

Why you need to measure your NAD+ levels:

  • Have confidence that the treatments you are receiving are genuine and effective.
  • Understand your baseline NAD+ levels and be able to knowledgeably participate in treatment decisions.
  • Understand how protocols affect your NAD+ levels and schedule treatments as necessary to maintain optimal levels.
  • Be able to ascertain how you feel with different NAD+ levels.
  • Test baseline NAD+ levels to assess and validate supplemental treatments.
  • Validate the value of treatments by showing post treatment level increases.
  • Test for personalized NAD+ decay rate to stay informed of how often you need recurring treatments and at what dosages to maintain desired levels.
  • Test post treatment levels to confirm efficacy of implemented treatments and individualized dosages.

Testing Methodology

Testing methods are thoroughly validated, and each sample is run in duplicate and with reference to contemporaneous standards on state of the art laboratory equipment for maximum accuracy.

Test results are provided along with the best available age and gender-specific normal ranges, thus enabling both meaningful baselines and post-treatment comparisons for patients, and a context for achieving appropriate treatment goals.

With signed consent, depersonalized aggregated data will also be used to further research into optimal NAD+ levels and protocols for any given age. This will ultimately improve your ability to receive a more effective NAD+ treatment experience.