NAD+ Supplements

List of prices for our 100% Clinically proven pharmaceutical grade NAD+ Supplements. Providing prescription medications for our clients that need doctors approval before you can order yours.

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Glutathione 200mg/ml 8 hours

6 patches + Glutathione for the patches


+$10 Shipping

Glutathione will help detox your body and reduce your stress level. The patches are a new and exciting way to absorb glutathione; it’s slowly released into your body through your skin.

Using one patch per week for maintenance can help decrease your oxidative stress levels, boost your immune system, help clean your liver, reduce symptoms of psoriasis, and help regulate insulin levels. Replenishing glutathione levels are generally challenging to do without going to the doctors this is a way to be able to do it at home with 95% absorption rate.

Magnesium Sulfate 200mg/ml 8 hours

6 patches + Magnesium for the patches


+$10 Shipping

The patches will slowly release Magnesium into your body through your skin.

Using one patch per week can help ease the pain from arthritis and inflammation in the body, can help decrease post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS), diminish hot flashes due to menopause, and help activate the NAD+ in your body for increased energy.

NAD+ 400mg/ml 4 hour patch kit (Advanced Beginner)

6 patches + NAD+ for the patches


+$10 Shipping

NAD+ patches are a great way to maintain your NAD+ levels at home or on the road. They help keep your energy going throughout the day. And on long trips, NAD+ helps reduce recovery time from jet lag. NAD+ patches generally give you energy for four hours after placement on your skin and you’ll feel great the rest of the day.

​Your body will tell you what it needs. A good rule of thumb is using a patch per day for two days, then one patch per week after that.

NAD+ 400mg/ml 8 hour patch kit  (Novice)

6 patches + NAD+ for the patches


$10 Shipping

NAD patches are a great way to maintain your NAD levels at home or on the road, if your going on a long trip and have some jet lag NAD cuts down on your recovery time. Needing energy throughout the day having a hard time keeping your energy going try NAD Patches. NAD Patches gives you energy generally four hours after placement on you skin and feel great the rest of the day.

Dosing, listening to your body it will tell you what you need, a good rule of thumb is pre-loading for the first two days and once per week after that.

NAD Nasal Spray


$10 Shipping

This nasal spray is a great option for delivering NAD+ straight into the brain! Nasal spray helps with depression, mood balance, and clarity. If you need brain clarity or are feeling a little foggy, then this is the one of the best steps to take to help you feel more alive. Each spray administers about 30 mg with a total of 4200 mg of NAD+ in the bottle. It is recommended to squirt in each nostril twice a day.

NAD Face Paste


$10 Shipping

Tru Niagen Pro for Aging  (Does not require a prescription) 

Better 300 mg


$10 Shipping

NAD+ is a vital cellular resource which helps fuel many of the body’s essential functions. Studies have shown that our NAD levels decline over time and under metabolic stress, leaving our cells with a dwindling supply. Tru Niagen replenishes your body’s NAD every time you take it. It is now available in 300 mg per serving.

Real NAD+ Lozenges  (Does not require a prescription)


$10 Shipping

REALNAD+ is the only product available that contains the active form of NAD+ that has been clinically used to increase NAD+ levels. REALNAD+ is specially formulated as an EZ Melt™ tablet so that absorption takes place in the mouth thus bypassing any issues in the gut

10 Subcutaneous NAD+ Injections


$110 Shipping

20 Subcutaneous NAD+ Injections


$110 Shipping

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