NAD+: The Cellular Fuel That Keeps You Going

Ronald Peters, MD, MPH with the MindBody Medicine Center does a great job at breaking down the science to explain the benefits of NAD and how it fuels our body.

​The article looks at some of the functions of NADH in the body, the medical research that is showing improvement in medical conditions with NAD therapy and the research being done on the benefits of NAD in healthy aging.

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When we hear the word fuel, the first thing that comes to our mind is its something precious and important because its something that’s needed to get something to work. Fuel is essential to let the cars running on the road, and that’s the same as our body- our body needs fuel too and that’s why we need food in order to survive. How about what’s inside our body? The brain, organs and cells, they would require fuel to function too. But what kind of fuel are we talking about? It’s NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide which is a molecule that produces a chemical reaction whenever mixed with oxygen in the mitochondria, present in every cell in our body. This reaction creates energy that allows every living thing to breathe, move, get blood to circulate, triggers metabolism and let your brain function to think. So basically, we need NAD to live life. Let’s take a closer look on why NAD+ the cellular fuel is essential, what happens if we lack cellular fuel in our body?

Experts discovered that not getting adequate cellular fuel is a major contributor to many chronic diseases such as chronic fatigue,  apalaxia, dementia, infections and cancer.. It can also trigger psychological problems such as sleep disorders, memory disturbances, extreme headaches anxiety, apathy, depression and both alcohol and drug dependence. To such NAD deficiency may be an unrecognized medical epidemic as a cellular disease.

So how exactly does NAD+ the cellular fuel works? Since NAD is considered an activated form of vitamin B3, when it collides with hydrogen becoming NADH, together with oxygen this gives an explosive power that the body uses as energy. These elements, when blended all together becomes like a fuel that launches rockets into the sky.

Getting more interested with NAD+ the cellular fuel and NAD+ Supplements?

Read the MindBody Medicine Center Article


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