Is the opiate epidemic leading to accidental addiction?

Update:Insurance providers refuse to cover medication to help the elderly manage their addiction.

opiate epidemic 

One in three senior citizens are prescribed opioid pain killer to help them manage their pain associated with aging and degeneration, but unfortunately, many of the elderly become addicted to the prescribed opiate. In fact, 3 percent of the opioid related drug deaths where individuals over the age of 65. Furthermore, it is estimated that 90,000 Medicare patients that are addicted to opiates are at high risk for overdose or misuse.

Is the opiate epidemic leading to accidental addiction?

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There is an epidemic taking the world by storm. It doesn’t care who you are. And it targets your brain, your body, your bank account, and your loved ones. Opiate addiction is sweeping the nation. The most unfortunate part of the opiate epidemic is that most users affected began with prescription medications. Of those who became accidentally addicted to opiates in the 2000’s, 75 percent started by taking prescribed opiate. And now they have an “accidental” addiction.


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