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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These results are not typical. Individual results may vary.


NAD+ Treatment Center was created  by a group of business investors and Certified Doctors  who have experienced the pain of chronic disease first hand  up to bring a facility to help bring this treatment to others in similar situations. NAD+ Treatment Center  combines the latest treatments through NAD+ Therapy, the best practices of counseling, and the best natural approach to treatment to produce lasting recovery. NAD+ Treatment Center treats patients seeking recovery from drug addiction and those seeking to feel revitalized and with more energy with our renowned Anti Aging Therapy.  NAD+ Treatment Center is the best NAD+ therapy program for brain restoration for those battling with Drug Addiction. The program is  designed to restore and provide lasting recovery for people struggling with; Alcohol Dependence, Heroin Detox, Opioid Dependence, Stress and Anxiety, Benzodiazepine Detox, Substance Abuse, Methadone, Suboxone Detox, Ketamine Detox, just to name a few. The center is located in San Diego, California in the Heart of Hillcrest we have served families from all over the US. Most patients come from California, Texas, Connecticut, Nevada, Kansas, Louisiana and New York.


The Biology Connect, Inc. 2019
NAD+ Treatment Center San Diego , 4080 Centre Street #207, San Diego, CA, 92103.


The concept of purifying the blood has been around since the beginning of medicine. Luckily, our technology and understanding of health has evolved to the point where bloodletting is no longer widely practiced today.


Plasmapheresis uses technology to separate and remove harmful substances from the plasma, or the liquid part of the blood. Then, healthy substances are reintroduced into the blood to help support the immune system and to help regulate inflammation. Plasmapheresis has been around for decades, but recently is noted for its application as a potential anti-aging therapy.

Physicians have been recommending plasmapheresis treatments to patients who have autoimmune conditions, as well as other conditions of the blood, such as leukemia. Individuals diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological disorders, as well as those with liver or kidney failure, would be ideal candidates for the treatment. Consult with a specialist if you or a loved one would be interested in the benefits of plasmapheresis. 

Plasmapheresis is a safe procedure with only a few possible adverse side effects. During your treatment, you may experience some discomfort at the needle site and occasional fatigue. A nurse will consistently monitor your blood pressure throughout the treatment process, but if you experience any dizziness, feeling cold, or a tingling sensation in the fingers or around the mouth, notify your nurse immediately.

During plasmapheresis, a machine filters the blood from the body and separates the plasma. The plasma is replaced with a more nutrient rich fluid, often containing antioxidant proteins, such as albumin or immunoglobulins, to support the immune system. The red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are returned to the body, along with the new plasma.


For advanced and chronic conditions, an extensive initial treatment is recommended followed by multiple booster treatments to maintain optimal health and wellness.


It is important to note that this treatment should not replace a healthy lifestyle and diet. For optimal health and aggressive prevention of degenerative conditions, consult with a physician on ways to eliminate toxins and tips for lowering chronic inflammation.

Brian Weinshenker, M.D., a Mayo Clinic neurologist, describes the process of plasma exchange in treatment of multiple sclerosis. 

Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells comprise of 40-45 percent of our blood volume and distribute oxygen through the body.


White Blood Cells

These cells consist of only 1 percent of your blood volume and help protect your body from infection.



Platelets are made up of cell fragments and helps the blood clot at the site of an injury.



The liquid component of the blood that consists of water, proteins, nutrients, immunoglobulins, hormones, and chemical messengers.

The Young Blood Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation investigating the potential therapeutic benefits of plasmapheresis. The organization was founded by Mark Urdhal and has a laboratory in northern California that includes the most powerful and precise technology to examine biomarkers.

We use seven complementary and advanced, state-of-the-art, ultrasensitive, high-precision measurement technologies to capture comprehensive data about the human body; the combination of which is unprecedented in human medicine or human clinical research.

In collaboration with the Young Blood Institute, the NAD Treatment Center now offers plasmapheresis.