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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These results are not typical. Individual results may vary.


NAD+ Treatment Center was created  by a group of business investors and Certified Doctors  who have experienced the pain of chronic disease first hand  up to bring a facility to help bring this treatment to others in similar situations. NAD+ Treatment Center  combines the latest treatments through NAD+ Therapy, the best practices of counseling, and the best natural approach to treatment to produce lasting recovery. NAD+ Treatment Center treats patients seeking recovery from drug addiction and those seeking to feel revitalized and with more energy with our renowned Anti Aging Therapy.  NAD+ Treatment Center is the best NAD+ therapy program for brain restoration for those battling with Drug Addiction. The program is  designed to restore and provide lasting recovery for people struggling with; Alcohol Dependence, Heroin Detox, Opioid Dependence, Stress and Anxiety, Benzodiazepine Detox, Substance Abuse, Methadone, Suboxone Detox, Ketamine Detox, just to name a few. The center is located in San Diego, California in the Heart of Hillcrest we have served families from all over the US. Most patients come from California, Texas, Connecticut, Nevada, Kansas, Louisiana and New York.


The Biology Connect, Inc. 2019
NAD+ Treatment Center San Diego , 4080 Centre Street #207, San Diego, CA, 92103.

Rescue Elders Protocol

Can you measure aging?

Although you may be the same age as someone, you are probably aging at a different rate than them. Biomarkers, measurable indicators of physiological status, are important to measure in any stage of life. Doctors use biomarkers to monitor disease prognosis, such as measuring HDL and LDL levels to monitor heart health. They allow for the determination of biological age, which may be different than chronological age, and are potential predictors of lifespan for an individual.

Measuring aging biomarkers allows us to move away from the traditional approach of disease intervention, waiting until a disease has progressed beyond repair and masking the symptoms, to an approach in which we utilize these biomarkers to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an individual before a disease is acquired. By using this approach, abnormal results can be caught and managed before they cause irreversible damage.

By measuring your body’s biochemistry, a physician will then be able to determine the best-targeted treatment for you. This will include both physiological tests and blood sample analysis to measure some of the strongest biomarkers.

  • DNA methylation   

  • Telomere length   

  • Inflammatory markers

  • Cognitive function    

  • Arterial stiffness    

  • Hand grip

  • Skin elasticity        

  • Lung function        

  • Metabolic and lipid panel

  • Hormone panel

Types of Aging Clocks


Are you ready to take action today?

Although some biomarkers play a larger role in the aging process than others, there isn’t one specific biomarker that will calculate one’s age. Thus, it is important to utilize a number of different tests to measure numerous biomarkers as they influence longevity together.  Here at NAD Treatment Center, we offer the complete biological aging clock assessment. Call us today for more information!