Brian Kennedy Presents a Possible Age Reversing Study Design


How do you reverse aging? We have seen certain species age at a slower rate than humans, how do we apply those mechanics in humans? What human biomarkers can we rely on to determine aging?

We all know and no matter how hard researchers try, there isn’t a miraculous formula that can instantly reverse aging. Aging cannot be simply stopped, not with a drug, not with some serums, no magic cream or potion exist. However, credits to modern science, with the help of NAD+- we can positively face aging and we can age better.

The Reverse-aging Science Of NAD+

Over Hundreds of decades, science has drastically made progress in totally understanding how aging works on a cellular level. 

NAD+ is a coenzyme that helps in the objective of reverse aging. It is also considered as one of the most important molecules for life to exist. NAD+ is a coenzyme present in all living cells and has a vital role in sustaining life.Without NAD, life is not possible since it plays a key role in turning nutrients to energy and it works as a helper molecule for a very important protein called Sirtuins. Sirtuins are considered as the mother of all cells present in your body, they protect the DNA and stimulate a regular cell aging process. On the other hand, sirtuins won’t work without NAD+ and there’s already a mounting evidence that NAD+ levels declines in human and all other living things as it ages.

Seeing the reverse aging science of NAD+ in Action – In 2017, there was a scientific study that involves boosting NAD+ levels in mice. It significantly changed the symptoms of aging not only in the tissue but also the muscle of the older mice and the results were so drastic, researchers can’t tell the difference of the month old mice to the year old mice. This study strongly proves that increasing the NAD+ levels in humans can have incredibly healthy benefits.

Watch the video above to see Brian Kennedy’s approach to validate aging in humans. You might be surprised to find NAD on his list on interventions to slow aging, as well as moderate amounts of alcohol.


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