The New Alcohol Detox Timeline: It’s Easier Than You Think

Have you been dreading going through alcohol detox treatment? Trying to ignore the little voice in your head telling you to get help? It makes sense if you are, there is the hard-core-life-threatening withdrawal symptoms to consider. Plus, there’s the risk of battling a new addiction to drugs used for detox treatment, such as benzodiazepines. And frankly, with the conventional alcohol detox rehabs, there’s not a lot of treatment options out there that offer minimal withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Some prescription medications can help during the detox process, but it still can be excruciating.

The Conventional Route

Detoxification from alcohol can be a grueling process-physically, mentally and emotionally. Due to the severe withdrawal symptoms, it can also be dangerous. Overcoming alcohol addiction can feel overwhelming, but there is hope for those feeling discouraged by traditional treatment paths.

According to  Jon Stolzer, a serial entrepreneur who specializes in health care and has an addiction clinic nashville,  the timeline for alcohol detox depends on many different factors such as age, gender, and health problems. Other factors also include the level of alcohol dependence, the use of sedatives, and the number and severity of past withdrawal episodes. But, typically the timeline for alcohol detox with traditional rehab ranges from 5 to 14 days.

After this initial phase, there are also protracted/post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) that can continue for at least one year after the acute withdrawal phase. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Anxiety

  • Decreased energy

  • Decreased libido

  • Irritability and hostility

  • Depression

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Difficulty concentrating

With scientific advances, alcohol addiction is now being viewed as a brain disease, rather than a moral failing on the individual’s part. Since drugs and alcohol can actually alter how the brain is wired, treating a relapsing brain disease can be challenging.

It’s possible that you or someone you know has spent tens of thousands of dollars on standard 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehab programs for alcohol detox with results that may or may not last. One of the main reasons that typical treatment has high relapse rates (50-90%) is that the underlying cause is not being fully addressed, fueling the addiction cycle.

A Different Approach To Detox

It doesn’t have to be this way though. There’s another option that radically changes the alcohol detox timeline and makes the entire alcohol detox process easier. It’s called NAD+therapy and it’s a game changer when it comes to alcohol detox. NAD IV therapy is just one of the many methods that NAD Treatment Center in Florida uses to make the alcohol detox process effective, fast, and easy.

Maybe you’re wondering, “what is NAD?” or why you haven’t heard of NAD before. Since NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a vitamin, it unfortunately hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. But the results from NAD speak for themselves. To hear stories from clients who’ve gone through NAD+ therapy for alcohol detox click here. This one-of-a-kind therapy revolutionizes the entire approach to the alcohol detox timeline and treatment. It’s unlike anything else out there right now for detox treatment.

How Is NAD Effective For Alcohol Detox?

NAD Treatment Center has a radically different approach. We believe it’s vital to address the issue on a deeper level. This is where NeuroGenesis Therapy™ comes in. As part of the  NAD Treatment Center Detox MethodTM, NAD IV therapy helps restore the brain on a cellular level.

NAD+ is a vital molecule used by every cell in your body and it has many different functions. Alcohol and drugs actually deplete NAD from your cells, causing damage. In terms of addiction, NAD+ acts as an enzyme substrate in the detoxification process of alcohol and also reduces glutamate excitotoxicity. That means withdrawals and cravings are reduced. This coenzyme plays a crucial role in the body, so replenishing NAD+ with high dose vitamin IV therapy is an important and beneficial part of the detoxification process.

NAD therapy is not a cure; it’s a natural way to detoxify from alcohol that reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms. But, we believe it is the best way to begin the recovery process due to its restorative properties.

According to the study done by Broom and Mestayer, et. al- Intravenous Administration of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Significantly Reduces Self Report Craving Ratings Associated with Opiate and Alcohol Withdrawal-NAD+ IV therapy was shown to be an effective therapy for alcohol detoxification as evidenced by a reduction in cravings. NAD was also effective in reducing and maintaining the number of relapse episodes, as well as severity of substance cravings.


The New Alcohol Detox Timeline

The timeline for alcohol detox with NeuroGenesis Therapy™ is typically 10-12 days. This may not seem like a huge difference compared to the normal alcohol detox timeline with typical rehab programs, but let’s compare the two:



There are pretty significant differences in these 2 approaches to treating alcohol addiction, with some overlap. At the core, NAD Treatment Center focuses on healing the whole person, not just treating the addiction. If you or someone you know is caught in the revolving door of trying rehab after rehab, or is resistant to treatment because the process seems overwhelming, there is an alternative solution.

The NAD Treatment Center Detox Method helps to take away two of the major deterrents to recovery: withdrawal symptoms and cravings. If you are interested in trying an effective and easier alcohol detox treatment today, click here to fill out a contact form or call us at 1-844-623-7587.


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