NAD Treatment Center offers VIVITROL (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension) as a part of The NAD Treatment Center Detox Method™, a specialized combination of treatment methods that supports the withdrawal process and restores the brain. The physical dependence on substances often leads to relapse and perpetuates the addiction cycle. VIVITROL is an important aspect of the withdrawal treatment process, because it targets the physical dependency aspect of addiction.


VIVITROL is the first non-addictive drug approved by the FDA to prevent opioid use following detox. The active ingredient, naltrexone, acts on specific opioid receptors in the brain to block the “high” or pleasurable feelings that occur with opioid or alcohol use. VIVITROL is used to prevent relapse to opiate dependence after opiate detox, and is also used to treat alcohol dependence. VIVITROL is typically given as a monthly injection following detox.

Important things to know about VIVITROL:

  • Do NOT try to overcome the blocking effects of VIVITROL by taking opiates. Any amount of opiate use could lead to overdose or death.
  • You must stop taking opiates or other opioid-containing medications before taking VIVITROL
  • You should stop drinking alcohol before taking VIVITROL
  • VIVITROL should be used in conjunction with other recovery programs, such as counseling, which is also part of The NAD Treatment Center Detox Method™ offered by Dr. Aimie and her team at NAD Treatment Center

“VIVITROL works to prevent people from using opiates. It takes the control out of the addict’s hands by curbing the desired effect. Taking VIVITROL during the first six months of recovery highly increases the chance of having a long-term full recovery.”